The lottery or lotus is a game of chance in which you must match the numbers that come out of a hype. To play the lottery you simply have to buy or select the numbers you want to play and wait for the draw to take place.

It is a game monopolized and regulated by each state, whose profits generated through taxes are often used for charitable purposes. In this article we will talk about the operation of the lottery, the different lottery draws that are held and how to play the lottery online.

In general, there are not many bonuses or offers for the online lottery since this game is not available in online betting houses or casinos .

Users who want to buy lottery online will have to do it from the official pages, from some specialized websites or through the lottery administrations that have a website.

For this reason, lottery promotions are scarce . However, on some specialized platforms you can still find offers for this game:

Discounts for purchasing more than one number

Access to clubs where all numbers are shared

These two options are the closest thing we can find to casino bonuses. Let’s see some of the pages that offer these promotions.

Specialized in the sale of lottery numbers. Some of the raffles available on this website are the following:

Powerball: the great American raffle par excellence

SuperEna Max: a game inspired by the Italian lottery

Mega Millions: a lottery that distributes millions of prizes

Keno: a simple but very fun game

Spanish lotteries: enjoy El Gordo and La Primitiva

On this platform payment methods such as Neteller , Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly or credit cards.

On the other hand, in GrandesLoterias you can win up to 5 free lottery tickets by recommending the web to your friends. It is a detail that the truth is that it is not bad. Click here 먹튀


Also, when you buy a Powerball ticket you will receive another one for free .

Of course, remember that this website is not available in Spain, only in countries where there is no regulation on online gambling.

Another good alternative to enjoy the online lottery is TheLotter website . Of course, we must warn that Spanish users will not be able to access this page.

However, Latin American players will have no problem enjoying TheLotter’s services.

Some of the raffles that can be found on this website are MegaMillions, Powerball, Baloto, Euromillions, etc.

This operator stands out for its supporters of the different raffles and also for the packages it offers with which the user can benefit from multiple discounts.

Our third suggestion for enjoying the best online lottery draws is It is an online casino that not only has slot machines and roulette or blackjack tables.

This casino also offers a large number of lottery draws. From EuroMillions to Powerball!

It is a brand regulated by the MGA and therefore is a safe and secure platform. However, Spanish users will not be able to access it.

One of the best websites to play the lottery online from Spain was Ventura24. It is a Spanish company that was founded in 2001 and whose headquarters are in Madrid. With more than 700,000 clients, Ventura24 was the leading company in online management of national lottery draws.

However, currently Ventura24 has stopped selling lottery and now only offers the results of the main draws .

Ventura24 covers the following draws:


The Primitive



The pool

National lottery

Christmas lottery

This brand has the Trust Online certificate and is a member of the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, so security is guaranteed on this website. Furthermore, Ventura24 periodically undergoes controls and audits to ensure its quality standards.

Many users chose Ventura24 because of the large number of supporters available . Thanks to them, customers can increase their number of participations in the different draws. It’s like when you share a tenth of Christmas at work, but in a big way.

Therefore, we hope that Ventura24 will offer lottery sales services again very soon.

How to play the lottery online?

Playing the lottery online is very simple and we will show you in this section. The only thing you will have to do to buy the lottery online is the following:

Go to the website where you want to buy the lottery

Open an account with your personal data

Choose the type of draw that interests you most

Choose the day you want to play

Choose your favorite numbers or select the random option

Select how many shares you want to buy

Proceed to payment using the method that suits you best

Wait for the draw to be held to check the results

If you’re lucky, go to an administration to collect the prize!

Today buying lottery is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. In general, there are two different options to acquire the numbers of the different draws:

Buy Lottery on the official websites (ONCE and SELAE)

Acquire Lottery on specialized web pages

Buy Lottery in administrations with website

In this section we explain the differences between these three ways of buying lottery, all valid and with their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Buy Lottery on official websites

The first option is the most traditional way of buying lottery online. You simply have to go to the official website of the entity that offers the draw in which you want to participate and acquire your numbers there.

For example, if you want to play Cuponazo you will have to go to the ONCE website. However, if you want to play Bonoloto you will have to go to the SELAE website.

Buying the numbers on the official websites is the same as going to a lottery administration regarding security. For this reason, many people prefer not to complicate their lives and acquire their tenths in this way.

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