The competitive exam is an examination that every student needs to clear for getting selected in university or college admission. It gives a boost to a student to get shortlisted among various candidates. Competitive exams are very common in India. One of the competitive exams is GRE i.e. Graduate Record examination. The end number of people prepare for GRE every year. The top rankers selected while remaining gets rejected. Many candidates found GRE quant questions difficult to solve in an examination hour. This is because they might be bad in numbers or don’t know about tips and tricks.

Here are the certain tips to clear GRE quant questions in the exam-

  • Time- Always remember time is the most precious thing and one won’t let it go. Don’t waste too much time on solving one quant question. You need to be quick and crisp. If you have 35 minutes to solve 20 questions, then use 1.75 minutes per question.
  • Be confident when marking option- It can be confusing at the same time when marking the right option. You must have the logic behind choosing the right option. Be confident and proceed further.
  • Never leave a question unmarked or unanswered- It is always advisable to attempt each question. Try not to panic and attempt each question. Remember your every question is valuable and there is no negative marking on the GRE.

So even if you are not sure of your answer there is no penalty on the wrong question.

  • Preparation with an open book- Before jumping to give an exam it is important to prepare well. Start with a quiz to get clarity on where you stand. Even if you forget the formula, take the help of an open book. Never hesitate in taking help from an open book. Grasp all the important concepts.
  • Mental ability- GRE quant questions need strong mental ability to win this challenge. One can be mentally fit by taking regular tests, studying a concepts, and do instant calculation.
  • Study regularly- To get selected in an entrance exam it is mandatory to study regular basis. Try to take out 15-20 minutes from your busy schedule.
  • Learn multiplication tables- Try to learn all multiplication tables beyond 10. It will save time on an exam. The use of a calculator minimized if you are smart enough to remember.
  • Double-check in case of irrational numbers- The irrational numbers create chaos. Do always double-check the question. It is because you can do a mistake when you have square roots in your equation. So, always do double-check before jumping to the next question.
  • Plugging numbers in the equation- Sometimes you might feel it is a waste of time to solve the equation. Try to put specific numbers in the equation to achieve a desired output.

Thus, certain tips will help an individual to crack the GRE exam and come closer to the target. It will ensure to improve test-taking skills and get the highest score.

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